Kate middleton dating other men

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Kate has set the modern gold standard for the very uncommon mission she chose to accept by marrying Prince William, the man second in line to the throne in the U.K., and those who have become her biggest fans have no reason to want anything different down the road.

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She started dating William in 2003 when they were both students at St.

Of course, because Harry is in all likelihood not going to be king, there wouldn't be quite as much required of Meghan as there is of Kate, who gave birth to the children who are third and fourth in line to the throne, but the 32-year love affair that Britain has been having with Harry is going to ensure that the spotlight is turned up to X-ray mode on whomever he ends up with.

Lucky for Meghan, presuming she gets along with Kate she'll have a wellspring of expert tips and tricks of the trade to draw from as she navigates the unfamiliar landscape of being courted by a member of Britain's royal family.

Kate doesn't have a bunch of fans just because she's pretty (though her impeccable style does qualify as an admirable trait).

She seems like a really great person, a soul mate and best friend type for William, and just because she met her literal prince at an early age, she enjoyed her own pursuits and hobbies in the years between "sure, I'll go for a pint with you" to "I do."Moreover, Harry has always been a great admirer of Kate's, so it would make sense if he was interested in meeting a woman who reminded him of his sister-in-law. The Early Years Catherine Middleton was born in Berkshire, in the south east of England, and grew up in the village of Chapel Row.

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